How to setup JDK9 in Eclipse Oxygen

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So JDK9 has been officially released!

Now it’s time to code, but hey I prefer to use Eclipse! Let’s download the latest version.

At this moment, the latest version is Oxygen 4.7.0 which unfortunately doesn’t support Java 9 yet out of the box, instead Eclipse is providing a Java 9 Support BETA Plugin that we can use.

Now in case you have installed JDK9 and you’re trying to launch your eclipse, it may let you decide the work-space however it won’t launch, to fix that, open eclipse.ini and add the following line after -vmargs :


Now it should launch just fine, however if we want to tell Eclipse to use the JDK9 that we just installed, you will get something like this:



This is where the previously mentioned plugin comes in handy, so head over to the plugin page and simply drag the Install button to your running Eclipse work-space, you should get this prompt asking for your permission to install.



When installation is over, it will ask you to restart Eclipse, go ahead and do it.

Now look what I found! It’s already detected.



And that’s it, you can now create a project and do things like….private methods in interfaces!

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