Google Assistant: What does it do?

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google assistant

Google has finally released the highly anticipated messaging app, Allo, but Allo isn’t not just a normal messaging app, it’s a smart messaging app, it understands you, knows you better, and help you get things done, and the engine behind such features is non other than the Google Assistant, which is expected to be integrated in many future gadgets such as Google Home.

So what can this assistant do? here’s a list of what I have found personally after chatting with the assistant for a couple of hours:

Things that Google Assistant can do

– It knows your name (duuuh!) and it can learn the names of your family members if you provide such information.
– Set reminders: you can set any reminder to a specific date and time, just shout “remind me to do something…”
– Daily subscriptions: it can send you/remind you about something on a daily basis at a specific time in the day, such as weather forecast, jokes, quotes, etc…
– Sports enthusiasts: ask it about your favorite team, old matches, upcoming matches, news, roaster and many other stuff, results are nicely displayed as cards on your screen.
– Cinema and Movies: it can display the movies that are showed today in cinema, ask it questions about movies, the cast, the release date, and let it show you the trailer and you will watch it right inside Allo, no need to switch to YouTube!
– Weather: ask it about the weather today, tomorrow or the weekend, you can instruct it to use Celsius or Fahrenheit, it can send you daily forecast at any time you choose.
– Search: you can basically search for anything, it will return search results, images and videos. Browse them directly inside Allo.
– Translate: you can use translate inside Allo, either by chatting with the Google Assistant or when chatting with a friend. Google has previously released the Tap To Translate, and now with Allo things are getting even more smoother.
– Games: the Google Assistant provides various mini games, Doodle Games, and Classic Games such as Solitaire, there’s also Chat games where the game happens during the chat.
– News: the assistant can provide you knows about countries, people and many other types of entities.
– Places: as you used to search for places inside Google Maps, now you can do it with the assistant, just type “restaurants near me” and it will list various restaurants and from here you can get directions to the one you choose, you can even specify a type of restaurant (or any other place).

The Google Assistant can help you get to know things and get things done, honestly it feels like you won’t even use the google search bar anymore, or open YouTube or Google Translate apps, with all these services being in one place, Google Assistant can truly be your personal assistant for everything, it can do much more than the things mentioned above, you just have to discover them, if you know any cool feature of the assistant, share it with us!

Check out this Google Photos Album, it has some screenshots taken of Allo!



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